Prices and Portion Size

Every cake we make is individually handmade and decorated and tailored to each client’s budget and requirements.   Prices vary depending upon size and the amount of work required to create each item.  We prefer to speak to our customers to ascertain their exact requirements and then advise on the price for their chosen cake.  However we realise that you would like to have some prices on which to base your ideas, the following will give you an indication.

Cake prices start at £50.00 This price is for a small plain iced cake with some decoration – for example an inscription or simple piping, a few flowers or sugarpaste decoration.  It includes: board, box and ribbon (if appropriate).

Novelty Cake prices start at £85.00 This is the start price for either a 3D carved cake or a cake that includes a sugarpaste figure.  It includes a board and box.

Sugarpaste Figures are available separately (for collection only), prices start at £50.00 each

Wedding and Civil Partnership Cakes prices start at £170.00 (2 tier) These cakes are truly individual and we understand that you will have many factors to take into consideration.  We offer personal, face to face consultations to help you decide on the most appropriate cake for your celebration.

Prices are based on a plain sponge or Madeira cake, filled with jam and buttercream and covered with sugarpaste icing.  Flavoured sponge or Madeira, light fruit and rich fruit cakes, alternative fillings and coverings of royal icing, buttercream and chocolate are available and are priced accordingly.  Fruit cakes have a layer of marzipan beneath the sugarpaste.

Delivery and set-up prices are agreed in advance and depend upon location.

Standard Portion Size:
Fruit Cake            2.5cm (1in) square
Sponge Cake      5cm x 2.5cm (2in x 1in)
Figures in the table denote the approximate number of standard portions for each size of cake.


Cake Size Round Sponge Square Sponge Round Fruit Square Fruit
13cm (5in) 8 12 16 25
15cm (6in) 12 18 25 36
18cm (7in) 18 24 36 49
20cm (8in) 24 32 49 64
23cm (9in) 32 42 64 84
25cm (10in) 42 50 84 100
28cm (11in) 50 61 100 120
30cm (12in) 61 72 120 144
35cm (14in) 72 98 144 196
40cm (16in) 98 128 196 256

If a cake is being served as a desert then the additional portion size (and therefore the increased cake size/number of tiers) will need to be considered when ordering.


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